Wednesday, December 11, 2013

South Texas GCSA Annual Meeting: A model for success

Fall is annual meeting season in the South Central region, along with many parts of the country. One of the great things about this blog is that it gives us the opportunity to brag when one of our chapters is doing something exceptional. This is definitely the case with the South Texas GCSA and the very organized and professional manner in which its annual business meeting is conducted.

The chapter's annual meeting was held in November at Sweetwater Country Club in Houston. More than 70 members attended the event, which also featured a golf tournament at the club. The South Texas GCSA packs a lot of business and recognition into the meeting, and the leadership does a great job of keeping it moving and meaningful. While each chapter should tailor its meetings to its unique needs, the framework and features of the South Texas GCSA meeting work well for this large and very active organization.

Following are some of the meeting highlights:
  • Chapter President Sean Wilson did a great job presiding over the meeting and reviewing the events and news that affected STGCSA members over the past year. He thanked the members for their support, feedback and participation. Wilson introduced the 2013 board and officers and credited them for the success of the chapter during the year.
  • Candidates for the board, including officers, were asked to give a short introduction and explain why they wanted to serve the association. These presentations were brief but meaningful to the voters.
  • Tenure pins were awarded to members who reached five-year membership milestones. What a great idea! It is a special moment that members appreciate.
  • Three candidates were nominated for the inaugural Sonny DuBose Award, the chapter's highest honor, which recognizes the member who best exemplifies the dedication and commitment to the chapter and profession that DuBose was known for during his career. The heartfelt nomination letters of George Cincotta, superintendent at Riverbend CC, John Freeman of Brookside Equipment, and Carl Tolbert of The Hurt Company, were read aloud to the entire membership. The winner will be announced at the next event in January.
  • The typically routine "handing over of the gavel" was also a symbolic and meaningful gesture. The current president presented the incoming president with not only the reins of the chapter, but also a president's blazer, reserved only for members who have reached this leadership level.
  • Wilson made a special point to recognize Marian Takushi, chapter executive, and lead the members in a round of applause. A real classy move - every chapter knows that an outstanding chapter executive is one of the biggest keys to success. 
  • Blayne Sparks
  • Incoming president Blayne Sparks offered a preview of a productive and exciting 2014. The day was so meaningful to him that he included his father in the meeting and thanked him for his support and guidance. The elder Sparks came all the way from Baton Rouge Louisiana to be in attendance and see his son honored.
I enjoyed attending this meeting and appreciate all the special touches the leadership of the chapter takes each year to make it productive and memorable. I'd recommend other chapters take a look at a few of these and consider working them into their routine!