Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sic 'em Joe and Camo

North Texas GCSA board member Joe Todaro and his son, Camden, made a commitment at the beginning of the 2015 football season that they would show their allegiance and love for the Baylor Bears by attending every Baylor game — home and away. It started with a promise Joe made to Camo that they would definitely attend their hottest rival game with TCU in Fort Worth. Then, he started looking on Stubhub for tickets and began thinking about a couple other games they might be able to swing.

Soon, they added a couple additional games to their wishlist, and eventually realized they were close enough to make it a father-and-son season of a lifetime and attend every single game. 

During the regular season, their travels have taken them on road trips to Dallas, Manhattan, Kansas, Stillwater, Oklahoma, Lawrence, Kansas, and a very very cold and wet Fort Worth in late November. Joe estimates they traveled about 3500 miles to watch their beloved Bears win nine games and score 576 points. 

While the season hasn’t gone quite as well as Joe and Camo would have hoped (can you tell an Aggie wrote this?), they wouldn't have traded their experience for anything. 

The whole Todaro clan at the Orlando Citris Bowl

The whole Todaro family crowned the season off in high style by attending the Russel Athletic Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Baylor made the Todaro's trip a happy one with a 49 - 38 victory over the North Carolina Tar Heels. They parlayed their time in Florida and made it a family trip to remember which include a stay on a beautiful Florida beach.  

Joe says it started out about the football and turned in to a special experience that he and his son will cherish forever. Their trips have been documented on Facebook and have even been featured on a local Waco news story. That story is included below with some great pictures from along the way. After each game, Joe and Camo have taken a photo with the final scoreboard in the background.


Since the end of the football season, Joe is very excited to start a new chapter in his turf career working for Baylor University! He is now working for Baylor Athletics Facilities and Operations primarily charged with the management of the Bailey golf facility at Twin Rivers, as well as the construction and management of the new campus practice facility for Baylor's men's and women's golf teams. Congrats, Joe. Can't think of a better fit for such a loyal Baylor alumni and fan. 

Thanks for sharing your story and for setting a great example of a father and a son making great memories that will last a lifetime!

(Read the KWTX - Waco story about Joe and Camo's adventure.)